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Unlock Your Potential: Skills Assessment for Employability Empower Your Future Today

An innovative assessment for job seekers, designed to empower individuals like you to choose job roles you are most suited for.

Comprehensive Evaluation:

Our assessment covers your interest areas, abilities, personality cluster and behavioural traits to get a complete picture of your unique profile, to fit you for a job, you are best suited for.

Instant Feedback:

Receive your customized report immediately, on your fitment for different job roles and your strengths and areas for improvement.

Different Versions:

Three levels to choose from – high school/higher secondary; technical or graduate.

Two levels of reporting:

Check whether you are immediately employable or whether you need just that little extra, to be employable.

User-Friendly Interface:

The entire assessment is online. Navigate through the assessment with ease, making the process enjoyable and insightful.

One-to-one guidance

Talk to our in-house counselors and experts to stay ahead of the curve. Understand the skills most valued by employers in your field.

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Why Educafé

We are the Largest Career Counselling Company in India

We are recognized in India, Dubai, Egypt and Europe

Our experience spans over 160 years and multiple verticals

We are led by a team of qualified psychologists and academicians

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What is a Career assessment? How does it help?
Career assessment is an assessment that helps you understand your Interests, Abilities and Personality better. This in turn facilitates the decision regarding a career which best fits your profile. It throws light on your strengths and developmental needs, so that you succeed in the career of your choice
How does your assessment help in my child's career decision making process?
The assessment provides an objective understanding of your child's interests, abilities and personality and thereby helps you facilitate their process of making an informed career decision.
What are the factors/aspects being assessed in the PathFinder - Career assessment?
The career assessment considers your interests, personality, and abilities. All are important in choosing the perfect career.
What does the report contain? How does one make decision based on this report?
The report generated is a detailed 20-page report. It gives you your psychological profile, your work values, role models as well as your ‘fitment’ for the careers you have chosen. This guides you to know your strengths, developmental needs and the related career paths. Other careers /career clusters for which you are fit based on your responses, but may not have chosen, are also highlighted.
Does the report also detail the career path to pursue a certain career?
The report gives a broad view on the career path for the chosen stream/course. However, any further information required could be obtained from our counsellors
At what age should I take the assessment?
The best time to take it is between 15 and 18 years of age i.e., 9th Std. to 12th Std. Sooner the better, especially in India, where your choice after the 10th Board exams can definitely impact your career choices later.
What is the duration of the assessment? Is it a timed assessment?
The assessment is not timed. However, it generally takes about an hour to complete the assessment.
Should I take the assessment again after a few years? Will my report differ then?
If there are dilemmas with respect to making a career choice, you may reach out to us and take assistance from our counsellors based on the plan you have purchased. However, our counsellors will recommend taking the assessment again, only if they deem it necessary and not always.
Will I be trained on the areas that I need to improve on?
If needed, training can be provided on required skills. We are also into Academic Skills, Life Skills and Employability Skills training
It says PathFinder- Career assessment is an online assessment. Is it necessary to come in person for taking the assessment?
It is an online assessment. You can take it from the comfort of your home. However, you’re advised to take it seriously and answer truthfully, because faking means that you are cheating yourself.
Would you recommend face-to-face, online or telephonic counselling?
We do not make any such recommendation. Our counsellors will give you the best experience regardless of which mode you may opt for counselling.
Who does the counselling post assessment? Are they qualified career experts?
Yes, all our counsellors are trained, experienced, and qualified to provide career counselling services. They all hold a Post-Graduation in Psychology and Counselling with over a minimum of 5 – 6 years of experience in the field.
Do you recommend colleges/universities for people?
We don’t make specific college recommendations, but we provide the best options based on your requirement. The final decision would be yours.
How reliable is your assessment? Has it been tested for validity?
Our test is reliable as it is developed based on well-established Psychological theories/Psychometric principles. It has been tested for reliability and validity on more than 15,000 students, belonging to different syllabi and streams.
What is the Success rate, with your Career assessment?
Our follow up sessions vouch for extremely good success rates. Most of them are happy with regard to their Career choice which was the result of the PathFinder assessment. Many younger siblings and relations have also been referred for career counseling which is again proof that our clients are happy with the assessment and counselling.
What is the process, post buying this product Online?
You may login through the website and take your assessment. Once the assessment is complete, you will have access to the report. You may fix up an appointment for counselling, if you choose to do so and utilize the other services based on the plan you have purchased.
Suppose I have some problem while taking the assessments, whom should I contact?
Just mail us at or call us on 080 4124 4184 (Mon-Fri 10 AM to 6 PM)
What is the broadband speed that I would need, to take this assessment?
The minimum Internet bandwidth is 2 Mbps.
Suppose I need to stop halfway, can I continue from where I stopped the previous time or do I need to take it all over again?
Just re-login and continue.
How do I schedule an appointment with the counsellor?
You can use our scheduler to schedule the appointment. Otherwise, ring us up at 080 4124 4184 (Mon-Fri 10 AM to 6 PM) to schedule an appointment.
How do I pay for this on the net?
You can pay with a credit/debit card or through NEFT. We have a secured payment gateway for this purpose. Hence, Security is assured.
Can I use my parent's credit card /net banking?
Yes. Just do so with their consent.