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Understand key non-cognitive factors that impact your “on-the-job” performance through eduCATE

Ready to be a Super Performer?

Incredibly Accurate

Our assessments have been deployed on over 100,000 students and have a a great percentage of predictability.

Absolutely Detailed

eduCATE provides a detailed report which clearly outlines significant factors especially in the non-cognitive domain, that help determine job performance.

Completely Online

Take eduCATE in the privacy of your home, or walk into our Center.

Trained Counsellor Access

You can also avail counselling by our trained professionals who will walk you through the detailed report.

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Employers often find that their employees who fit all the eligibility criteria for the job, including the right level of education, training and experience just do not perform well on the job. This finding underlines the reality that there are other significant factors especially in the non-cognitive domain, that help determine job performance. Non-cognitive aspects of an individual essentially include personality traits, his interests and the attitudes he holds. These factors have a dramatic effect on the performance of individual employees. In the past few decades, the importance of these factors has become increasingly recognized and many employers have experimented with ways to assess them before hiring employees.

Helping candidates be better prepared for the world of work by understanding the key non-cognitive factors related to “on-the-job” performance is achieved in a scientific manner through EduCATE.

The eduCATE is an online test, in English. The test is in both a multiple-choice format as well as a rating scale. It is applicable for engineering students who are in their final year of engineering. The report generated will provide them with information to decide on their future course of action.

Combined with a counseling session conducted by professional psychologists, it helps students to understand themselves and find the work-role, in the field of engineering they are best suited for.

Why Educafé

We are the Largest Career Counselling Company in India

We are recognized in India, Dubai, Egypt and Europe

Our experience spans over 160 years and numerous verticals

We are led by a team of Qualified Psychologists and Academicians


Understand Better

eduCATE helps you understand yourself and find out the work-role, in the field of engineering, that you are best suited for.

Assess Right

eduCATE accurately assesses your behavioural traits, work preferences and fitment for each functional role.

Detail it out

The report provides a graphical representation of your behavioural profile, as well as the match between interest shown for the different work roles and potential for that work role.

Sharpen Focus

Understand the key non-cognitive factors related to “on-the-job” performance and prepare for the Real World.

Move Ahead

We provide detailed counselling session, with trained career counsellors and mentors to set you on the right and successful career path.
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