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The Online swot


Do you know what skills and attributes can make you successful?

Let's do your SWOT!

Academic Skills

Managing time, improving memory enhancing strategies, enhancing note taking and reading skills, ‘learning to learn’ are all part of academic skills. The skills assessed in these sections are time management, memory techniques, note taking skills, study skills, reading and writing skills and revision planning.

Personal Skills / Life Skills

The skills assessed in these sections are understanding self, problem solving & decision making, thinking styles, creativity, whole brain thinking, goal setting, motivation and leadership skills

Communication Skills / Expression

The skills assessed in this section are body language, presentation skills, verbal & non verbal communication and assertiveness skills

Employability Skills

The skills assessed in this area are résumé writing, facing interviews, group discussion and stress management.

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EduProfiler - The Online SWOT

Educafé's EduProfiler is an online assessment which assesses you on different areas that are essential for success and then putting all the results together, arrives at a computerized report that helps you ‘get set for the real world’.

We all have our likes and dislikes, strengths and drawbacks, skills and inabilities – in fact, our own unique personality. Understanding one’s strengths and attempting to work on our developmental needs is the first step towards self development and this is achieved in a scientific manner through this assessment.

By taking this EduProfiler, you will become aware of your strengths, training needs and get to know in a scientific and objective manner, areas where you can improve. After the test, you are given a detailed report that helps you appreciate yourself even more. You will be thus able to plan and focus on your holistic development, gaining tremendous self confidence as you goes ahead on your career path.

This assessment is available in three versions – for school students, for college students and for those who are employed. The skills assessed vary depending on version.

Why Educafé

We are the Largest Career Counselling Company in India

We are recognized in India, Dubai, Egypt and Europe

Our experience spans over 160 years and numerous verticals

We are led by a team of Qualified Psychologists and Academicians


Identify Strengths

The report gives a detailed description of areas which are your strengths and you do not require any training.

Immediate Training Needs

Identify areas where your scores are low and where you require training. Work on your developmental needs.

Possible Training Needs

Highlighting of areas where your scores are average; and while training may not be the first priority, to do well in academics and life, training may be useful.

Detailed Assessment

In all 13 different modules can be assessed; with both facilitating stress [eustress] and debilitating stress [distress] being assessed separately.

Move Ahead

We provide a detailed, web-based or face-to-face individual counselling session, with trained psychologists and career counsellors.
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