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Mind the Gap - the self-paced, online assessment and learning programme that improves conceptual understanding in Math and Science from the 10th to 12th grade.

Practice to Get Better

Scientifically designed Online practice tests in Maths and Science that strengthen the core understanding of the concept.

Learn Accurately

Access to online learning & detailed explanations that help you understand concepts better.

Get set 360

Self paced assessments that help to develop discipline, schedule adherence and time-management.

Document Progress

Access to detailed online reports giving in-depth understanding of progress.

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Mind the Gap

What would an organization, that has assessed over 100,000 students globally with its pool of 275+ professionals - including world renowned academicians, psychometricians, SMEs and Educational Psychologists do to help students score better in Maths and Science?

Yes, build a state of the art learning program that not just helps improve conceptual understanding in Math and Science but also assures better examination scores.

Mind the Gap is self-paced, online assessment and learning programme that improves conceptual understanding in Math and Science from the 10th to 12th grade.

Mind the Gap assessments build strong problem solving, critical thinking and computational skills through well thought-out problems and questions. This helps the student gain conceptual clarity and understanding, ensuring scores and grades improve.

The AI based ERROR PATTERN ANALYSIS identifies consistent mistakes being made and helps to focus on solving problems the right way.

The focus is on understanding and application; not mere accumulation of facts and knowledge. The learning experience is unique and in a way that ensures that the student has thoroughly understood the concepts, guaranteeing results.

Immediate feedback and constant practice helps in frequent exposure to appropriate learning material that enhances learning and recall.

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Understand Better

The focus is on understanding and application; not mere accumulation of facts and knowledge.

Assess Right

Identify consistent mistakes being made and focus on solving problems the right way.

Track in Real Time

The programme tracks the students’ progress in real-time and identifies exact areas of challenge.

Detail it Out

Access to Reports of all assessments taken – in terms of accuracy, response to every question, time taken to answer the question, the correct answer as well as the mistake made, if any; as well as concept wise report

Better Results

The learning experience is unique and designed in a way that ensures that student has thoroughly understood the concepts, practiced enough on them, guaranteeing results.
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What is MTG?
MTG stands for Mind-The-Gap, an online learning tool which helps students from the 10th to the 12th grades improve their understanding of concepts in Math and Science, through repeated assessments and error analysis
For whom is this product useful?
This product is especially designed for 10th to 12th graders
Is it aligned to the curriculum? If yes, which education Board is it aligned to?
Yes, MTG is curriculum-based. All concepts are based on the National Curriculum Framework.
How does it benefit the learner?
MTG is not a timed product, so students can learn at their own pace. Concepts can also be thoroughly learnt because the errors being made and the right answers are provided in the reports.
What is Unique about this product?
MTG offers a unique approach to learning with lots of practice assessments and immediate feedback. Error pattern analysis shows the mistake being made and how it can be rectified. Concept knowledge and time analysis gives a clear picture of the student’s level of effort and understanding.
What is the Structure of this product?
The organization of the assessments has been well thought out. It starts with an assessment of concepts prior to the grade in which the student is studying, to know the student’s present level of understanding. Each chapter comes with a diagnostic assessment, 5 practice assessments and a review test. Each assessment comes with its own clear instructions and is not for more than 25 minutes. After every 3 chapters, you can try to revise what you’ve learnt, through a summative assessment. The final Summative Assessment helps in understanding the extent of improvement.
Does it include online classes?
It does, but it’s not currently available.
Is it time-bound?
No. Students can take their time, and it is recorded on the dashboard.
Does one need to come to your centre to use the product?
No. You can purchase the MTG on our website and do the assessments at home. The assessments and reports are available to you, 24x7.
What is the process after purchasing the product online?
After purchase, the subjects that you have bought will be available on your dashboard. You can login and start taking the assessments. After the completion of each assessment, you can access the report. All previous reports are always available on your MTG dashboard. Reports are a major source of learning and understanding of the concepts.
Suppose I have some problem while taking the assessments, whom should I contact?
Just mail us at or call us on 080 4124 4184 (Mon-Fri 10 AM to 6 PM.)
How do I evaluate myself with MTG?
The Accuracy chart on your dashboard gives you your score and details of your performance on every assessment that you have taken. The dashboard also has the goal chart. This shows the percentage you aimed for before starting the assessment [your goal], and the percentage you expected to score after you had completed the assessment [your self-evaluation]. It also shows the percentage you scored. This chart will help you understand your performance and expectations for every assessment that you have completed.
How will I find the concepts I need to improve?
Just click the “Concept knowledge” icon on your dashboard. Concepts that need immediate attention are grouped under red, concepts that can improve under yellow and concepts performed well are under green. The performance index tells you how many times the concept was assessed and how many times you got it correct; while the accuracy scale gives you your percentage.
What does Accuracy mean in the website?
Accuracy gives you an idea of how well you have done in the assessment and provides a detailed analysis of your performance on each question and each assessment, including the question order, related concepts, wrong answers, questions where you exceeded the time limit as well as the error you made, if any.
How do I know if I have completed all the chapters?
The course tracker and the detailed analysis shows the number of assessments completed in each chapter, the number of chapters completed and assessments or chapters pending.
How do I pay for this on the net?
You can pay with a credit/debit card or through NEFT. We have a secured payment gateway for this purpose. Hence, Security is assured.
Can I use my parent's credit card /net banking?
Yes. Just do so with their consent.