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Grow the roots


Get your Fundamentals Strong

if you want to reach the heights.


Readiness Test is exclusive for students of 10th, 11th and 12th grade, aligned to the curriculum of 9th / 10th / 11th Grades (CBSE).

Absolutely Accurate

Readiness Test identifies the error pattern and provides a detailed analysis, so the learner understands the concept better.

Incredibly Detailed

The actual learning happens through the detailed analysis of Readiness Test reports. In depth review of the reports is a key element in Readiness Test.

Grow the Root, Right

Readiness Test helps in assessing and learning of the fundamental basic concepts, so that students can be prepared for the current year’s syllabi.

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Grade Readiness Test

Mathematics and the Sciences can be highly abstract. Very often, they are concerned with ideas; with the manipulation of symbols rather than the manipulation of objects. They are closely-knit structures in which ideas are interrelated. Concepts are hierarchical and interconnected and unless lower-level concepts are mastered, higher-level concepts cannot be understood.

The key to all learning is conceptual understanding and this is the rationale underlying Educafé’s Math & Science Readiness Test. It is an online assessment tool that assesses the understanding of fundamental concepts in Math and the Science subjects, of the previous grades, knowledge of which is required to succeed in the present grade.

The product is designed innovatively and focuses on learning and not to just test knowledge.

Grade Readiness Test assesses how good one is in concepts required for entry into that particular grade. For eg. If one is in 12th grade Chemistry, then it will assess how good one is in concepts learnt in 11th grade Chemistry. This has 30 questions in Multiple Choice format. This is available for each subject.

Why Educafé

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Understand Better

Readiness Test helps you better your understanding of the fundamentals, in Math & Science.

Assess Right

Readiness Test accurately assesses current readiness for the grade in order to ensure success.

Detail it out

Readiness Test details different concepts that are assessed and the student’s performance on them. Concepts mastered, concepts that can be improved and concepts that need attention are highlighted.

Sharpen Focus

Readiness Test allows you to identify the Learning Gaps in the core subjects, assisting you to focus on bettering them.

Move Ahead

With over 50% of the jobs in the future requiring a strong understanding of Maths and Science, Readiness test will give you a winning edge.
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